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Test d’ingresso online

nel nostro centro The English Corner
Metti alla prova il tuo inglese con il nostro test d'ingresso gratuito online!
Testa le tue skills e in base al risultato scegli il percorso che fa per te, nel nostro English Corner.

È un test veloce e gratuito, il cui risultato non ha valore didattico e non può essere utilizzato come prova formale della conoscenza linguistica.

Inizia subito il nostro test:

Benvenuto al nostro Test d'ingresso gratuito

Where are you from?
How old are you?

Have you got a sister?

_____ you live in Modena? NO, we don’t.

______ is your favourite colour? Blue or black?

I ________________ any brothers or sisters. I am an only child

The day before Friday is ____________

I always go to the beach ___ weekends.

She _______ ________ meat. She is vegetarian.

They _______ playing football. They hate it!

______ were you born? I was born in March.

_____ _____ two beautiful churches in my town.

I _____ only 5 when I started school.

I _____ _____ to the cinema last week.

We ____ ______ a film on tv at the moment.

Why _____ the baby crying?

Lucia _________ swim. She is afraid of water.

My best friend ________ wear a uniform  at work. She is a hostess.

You _______ take pictures! It is forbidden!

It is only 5 p.m. You _____ be sleepy.

How long ___________ in Maranello? Ten years next month.

She _____________ 2 cigarettes today

It is the second time I _______________ sushi and I love it!

While my father ______________ the newspaper the light went off.

I _______________________ all day and I was exausted!

Your face is red! What _____________________ ?

Scientists say our planet ____________ very different in 2030.

I bought the tickets yesterday. We ______________ to the concert next week.

What time _______ the train leave tomorrow? At 9 a.m.

Mary arrived at the party last week and her boyfriend __________ .

If I _____ you, I would apply for that job.

We would have visited you at the hospital if ____________ you were ill.

I would be happy now if I ________________ Paul, but I married John.  ;-(

Have you finished your homework _____ ?

She graduated last week and she has _________ found a job. I can’t believe it, lucky her!

Al fine di completare la valutazione si consiglia di fissare un appuntamento in sede per sostenere un breve colloquio in inglese: una volta appurato il livello lo staff di The English Corner senza impegno proporrà il percorso formativo più adatto.


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